HomeGuard PRO

HomeGuard Pro liner is made from a single strip of 316Ti stainless steel spiraled together and seamed. Check around, you won’t find a 2 ply liner made from 316Ti. We only use the best stainless steel.

Our flexible chimney liner components are made from high quality 24 gauge stainless steel.

Something serious to think about
A lot of lesser quality liners are made from 316L. The Ti stands for titanium. The addition of titanium gives the liner the ability to withstand less than perfect chimney conditions (highly corrosive environments, and extreme heat caused by a chimney fire).

Sure, a lesser quality metal can be used (which would save us money) and would be covered by a lifetime warranty. We only want to use the best raw materials available.  If a liner system breaks down, it can spell disaster for a homeowner. After a disaster, a warranty can mean nothing more than a replacement. After the damage to the home is done, warranties really mean nothing.

HomeGuard Pro Advantages

  • Double wall stainless steel construction
  • 316Ti, not 304L or 316L like the competition
  • Smooth wall interior increases the draft by 20%
  • Smooth wall interior also reduces creosote build up by 25%
  • All purpose for use on oil, wood and gas
  • UL listed
  • Corrugated interlocked seam on the outside to provide strength and flexibility
  • HomeGuard
    Single wall flexible chimney liner
  • HomeGuard PRO
    Premium double wall construction, smooth wall interior, flexible chimney liner